Special Education in Plain Language


Other IEP Considerations

The individualized education program team shall do all of the following:

Assistive technology

What The Law Says
  1. Consider whether the child requires assistive technology devices and services.  115.787(3)(b)5

What The Law Means

The purpose of assistive technology and assistive technology services is to make sure the child gets a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). The IEP team must decide if the child needs assistive technology devices and services in their regular education classrooms or special education settings.

What Needs To Be Done

The IEP team talks about any device (from a simple pencil grip to computerized equipment) that may help the child learn.  The IEP team may get information from a specialist to help them with the child’s needs.  The IEP team talks about, and chooses services, to help the child get and use assistive technology devices.  For example, the IEP team would talk about evaluating the child in the child’s learning setting, getting equipment, and choosing, customizing, and repairing devices.  They would talk about providing training on using the device too.

What Parents Need to Know or Do

The IEP team must talk about using assistive technology.  Parents can tell about the child’s skills with knobs, switches, computers, etc. and how any of these things may help the child in school.   They can tell the IEP team about what the child can do at home and in the community.


TIP:  Assistive Technology is an important topic.  Parents may call WI FACETS at 1-877-374-4677 to get information.  Information is also available from the Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative at 1-800- 991-5576 or at www.wati.org.  CESAs also have Assistive Technology staff.