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Special Education in Plain Language


Part 3: Problem Solving

Informal meeting|
Independent educational evaluation|
Facilitated IEP|
IDEA State complaints|
Due process hearings|
Resolution process/meeting
Due Process Hearing Procedures
Stay-put rule|


Informal Meeting

What to do when issues arise?

What can you do in the meeting?

What about dealing with emotions in the meeting?

What if the issues are not fully resolved in the meeting?

Next Steps:  What can be done if informal ways of solving problems don’t work?


Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE)

(34 CFR 300.502)
DPI Bulletin # 99.02


Facilitated IEP

Why would I want to participate in a facilitated IEP?

How do I request a facilitated IEP?

Is the facilitator a part of the IEP team?

Who are the facilitators?

Where and when is a facilitated IEP meeting held?

What is the role of the facilitator?

“The staff person leading the IEP meeting is able to be free to be the expert in raising and discussing educational issues.
The IEP facilitator was responsible to guide the negotiation and consensus building aspect of the IEP session.”
- Facilitator



(Wis.. Stat. 115.797)
DPI Bulletin # 98.07

What is Mediation?

What is a Request for Mediation Form?

How Is Mediation Requested?

What Happens if a Parent Requests Mediation Individually?

Who Pays for Mediation?

When is Mediation Helpful?

Who May Participate in Mediation?

Who Are the Mediators?

What About the Law?

The Mediation Session


IDEA State Complaints

(34 CFR 300.151)


Due Process Hearings

(WI Ch. 115.80)


Resolution Process/Meeting

TIP:  A confidential agreement could be considered for parties to sign at the beginning of resolution meeting, but the legal effect of such an agreement is unclear.

Due Process Hearing Procedures


Stay-Put Rule: What happens to the child while the hearing is going on?

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