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*Honest, Open, Proud 

– High School Facilitator Training

January 17, 2018


Do you know students who have a story to tell? This is a training for adult facilitators to go back and use with individual or small groups of high school students.


Honest, Open, Proud: To Eliminate the Stigma of Mental Illness is a workbook for small group discussion or personal use. It helps students look at the story they have been telling themselves, discern helpful and hurtful self-attitudes, and analyze the pros and cons of disclosing in different settings to different people. Lastly, it guides them to draft their own story into a format that discloses not only the pain of mental health challenges but also the internal and external resources discovered and used to live life in the way they choose.


Presented by:  Sue McKenzie and WISE Wisconsin Partners
Registration:   http://login.myquickreg.com/register/event/event.cfm?eventid=18705

*Early Childhood Special Education Connections Series

We are offering after school EC networking in one hour zoom sessions!


This online collaborative network is designed to provide a forum for sharing and collaboration of best practices relating to Early Childhood Special Education.  Sessions will include State/CESA updates and sharing of resources.


There is no registration, please just click on the link below for each scheduled Zoom session to link into the session. All meeting times are 3:30-4:30 pm Contact Michelle Ogorek
mogorek@cesa1.k12.wi.us with questions.


Thursday, January 18, 2018

All You Needed to Know About ECSE
Online: https://zoom.us/j/892886419
Phone: 1-669-900-6833, Meeting ID 892 886 419


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Assessment in Early Childhood Special Education
Online: https://zoom.us/j/912644161

Phone: 1-669-900-6833, Meeting ID 912 644 161


Monday, March 12, 2018

Literacy in Young Children with Disabilities
Online: https://zoom.us/j/444950689
Phone: 1-669-900-6833, Meeting ID 444 950 689


Thursday, April 26, 2018

Play as a Vehicle for Specially Designed Instruction
Online: https://zoom.us/j/554670318
Phone: 1-669-900-6833, Meeting ID 554 670 318




*Differentiation through Co-Teaching


Date: 1/19/2018


This workshop will focus on utilizing the co-teaching models to reach the needs of all students and provide differentiated instruction and experiences for the students throughout the day. Real-life examples of how you can incorporate scaffolding, flexible groupings, and differentiated instruction will be shared.

Audience: Administrators; classroom, special education, EL, Title I teachers; reading specialists; interventionists; paraprofessionals; teacher aides









Professional Development 

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Learning Leaders PLC Network (FACE-to-FACE)

Audience: CAI/DAC Coordinators, Principals, Superintendents, Teacher Leaders, Title I & III, RSN

Dates: 1/16/2018


RSN Meeting

Audience: Special Education Directors

Dates: 1/16/2018


Math Leader Network

Audience: Mathematics Leaders, Principals, Curriculum Directors

Dates: 1/16/2018


CESA 7 Educator Effectiveness Network Meeting

Audience: Educator Effectiveness implementation coaches and leaders

Dates: 1/17/2018


Differentiation through Co-Teaching

Audience: Teachers & administrators new to co-teaching; classroom, special ed, EL, Title I teachers; reading specialists, interventionists

Dates: 1/19/2018


Effective Teaching I

Audience: Teacher Candidates

Dates: 1/20/2018 to 2/3/2018


Title I Teacher Network

Audience: Title I teachers in Targeted Assistance Schools and Resource teachers in Schoolwide Programs

Dates: 1/26/2018


Putting Practices into Action: Engaging Students for Mathematics Proficiency (K-5)

Audience: Elem. Teachers of Mathematics, Mathematics Coaches/Specialists/Interventionists

Dates: 1/29/2018


Putting Practices into Action: Engaging Students for Mathematics Proficiency (6-8)

Audience: Elem. Teachers of Mathematics, Mathematics Coaches/Specialists/Interventionists

Dates: 1/30/2018


Performance Assessment for the Professional Educator

Audience: Teacher Candidates, Teachers

Dates: 1/30/2018 to 2/27/2018


Formative Assessments and Technology

Audience: Classroom, EL Sp. Ed,Title I Teachers; Interventionists, read. specialists, coaches, principals

Dates: 1/31/2018


EL Network Meeting

Audience: EL Teachers, Classroom Teachers, Paraprofessionals, and Administrators

Dates: 1/31/2018





 Wisconsin Safe and Healthy Schools


For a complete listing of offerings from Wisconsin Safe and Healthy Schools Center, please select the link above. 


The purpose of the CESA 7 Safe and Healthy Schools/Communities (ATOD) Department is to provide visionary leadership and applicable resources that help schools and communities create a safe learning environment – one that fosters healthy, resilient, responsible, successful learners.



Contract and Shared Services Booklet

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