Jeff Dickert Speaks at a Press Conference

CESA 7 and Microsoft have announced the launch of the CS Talent Ecosystem Youth - Brown County Pilot, a new initiative supported by Microsoft’s TechSpark program, CESA 7 and the Brown County community to help all Brown County students get access to computer science, a skill students increasingly need for the workforce.

Microsoft TechSpark – an initiative aimed at fostering economic opportunity, skills and employability in Wisconsin – announced a grant of $100,000 to CESA 7’s nonprofit, the Associates of Collaborative Resources, to help fund the work. 

The pilot and funding will support an advisory board which will create a framework that outlines how to bring computer science to Brown County. The framework will include an approach to building new supports, resources and capacities across Brown County schools, including making computer science training accessible for teachers, and giving students different ways to gain exposure to computer science. 

CESA 7, Microsoft and supporting organizations convened by Microsoft are committed to getting the framework off the ground, and share a common goal: that the ecosystem approach can become a model for CESAs across Wisconsin to help bring computer science to more schools across the state.

The news was announced at an event at TitletownTech on February 26th.

For more information on this program, please contact Jeff Dickert at (920) 617-5612 or