Wisconsin Digital Learning Survey Results

In recognition of Digital Learning Day, as well as the incredible learning happening in schools across Wisconsin, the Department of Public Instruction is excited to share the results from the Wisconsin Digital Learning Survey for the 2018-2019 school year.  The survey was conducted voluntarily across the state and includes information from 420 Wisconsin districts (over 94% participation)! The survey website is broken out by state, CESA, and district size and each webpage contains 14 graphs that represent a cross-section of the 50 questions included in the longitudinal survey.  


Key findings:

- District use of the Wisconsin Digital Learning Plan (52% of districts) increased by almost 12% from the previous year.

- 80%+ of districts statewide are in the process of or already leveraging the Wisconsin Standards for Information and Technology Literacy to support the Plan goals of student learning that is equitable, personalized, applied and engaged.

- In one-third of districts, teachers receive twenty hours or less of technology-related professional learning.

- Over 60% of all 6-12 classrooms across the state include a device for every student.

- In almost a third of all Wisconsin school districts, more than 90% of students have internet access at home. This number is up from 70% of students the previous year.

- 75% of school districts have built wireless networks that are ready to support mobile learning in all of their buildings.

- More than half of all Wisconsin districts have Computer Science included in their programs of study.

- Still less than one in four districts across the state require staff training for data privacy and security.