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CESA 7 Communication Services' mission is to consistently deliver exceptional content and programs in collaboration with our partners. The CESA 7 Communications Department oversees a diverse array of communication and compliance initiatives. Additionally, we actively support school districts and their stakeholders in seamlessly integrating technology into their processes, fostering an inclusive and engaging learning environment for all.

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CESA 7 offers a full range of video production services for our clients. We take your ideas from concept to reality with on-site customized productions. Our clients have worked with us to produce a wide variety of outstanding, award-winning, impactful videos in English and Spanish.

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The Federal Copyright Act specifies that copyrighted materials like movies can be used in your schools if properly licensed. It’s important to know that neither the rental nor purchase of a movie carries the right to exhibit it outside of someone’s home. However, CESA 7 and our partner agency can properly license movies for copyright-compliant showings in your school. The cost is based on school enrollment.


Schools are obligated to provide effective communication to all individuals who seek to participate or benefit from a school district’s services. This extends to videos housed on your website or videos that students have access to. CESA 7 provides video captioning services that meet current captioning standards and protocols. CESA 7’s services are 95% accurate, distinguish between speakers, and are provided with a three-day or less turnaround. Captioning services can be used for school board meetings, graduations, concerts, training videos, or parent relation videos to name a few.


Website accessibility is a growing area of complaints relates to the accessibility of websites maintained by public school districts. Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) governs and extends to website accessibility by students, parents, and members of the public with disabilities.  CESA 7’s and its web development partners can create a website that is ADA compliant and maintain the website to keep it ADA compliant.


Electronic Field Trips are a tool that can be used to connect your students to museums, libraries, zoos, and other knowledge centers all around the world without even leaving your school district. Students and teachers have the chance to interact with the presenters, just like they were right there at the location. Administrators love that it costs less than renting a bus. Teachers love the fact that “experts” are available on just about every subject imaginable. Students love learning about places they may not otherwise be able to travel to.  CESA 7 can link your school to these virtual field trips including our own E-field trips like “A Visit with Mrs. Claus”.

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NEWIST/CESA 7 produces award-winning documentaries on critical, cutting-edge social issues. Our award-winning documentaries are used by schools, universities, social service agencies, prisons, halfway houses, boys and girls clubs, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and other youth-service organizations around the country.  A new feature that was added in the past two years is "Career Videos".  These short videos provide a glimpse into a career path by the professionals in these occupations. 

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