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Financial Literacy 

Gov. Evers signed Assembly Bill 109, now 2023 Wisconsin Act 60. 

 Gov. Evers, as part of his proposed 2023-25 biennial budget, announced his “Do the Math” initiative to provide districts the resources to start or improve financial literacy curriculum and prepare students for financial success. The governor believes financial literacy is something every Wisconsinite needs to be successful—from household budgeting and understanding consumer financing to insurance decisions and retirement planning—and that strong financial literacy curriculum will provide a strong foundation for students’ financial futures. 

 “We have to make sure our kids have the tools and skills to make smart financial and budgeting decisions to prepare for their future, so ensuring our kids have strong financial literacy is essential to setting them up for success as adults,” said Gov. Evers. “I was proud to propose investments to bolster financial literacy in our biennial budget, and it’s why I’m glad to sign this bill today to make sure every student has a strong foundation for their financial futures.” 

 Assembly Bill 109, now 2023 Wisconsin Act 60: 

  • Requires, starting with the 2028 graduating class, a pupil to complete at least 0.5 credit of personal financial literacy in order to graduate from a school district.

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