Northeast Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship

Wisconsin's Youth Apprenticeship program is a part of a statewide School-to-Work initiative. It is designed for high school students who want hands-on learning in an occupational area at a worksite along with classroom instruction. The Northeastern Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship consortium (NEWYA) is taking YA to new heights and combines the strengths of three organizations - CESA 7, the Greater Green Bay Chamber, and the success of the former Anhapee Consortium - to create a streamlined process for students to connect with employers and gain valuable workforce experience as a youth apprentice.


  • Youth apprenticeship engagement, situated within the comprehensive career and college readiness service model of the Northeast Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship (NEWYA), will ensure a clear pathway for measurable gains in student achievement, a diploma by design for all students, and strengthened communities. With the current opportunities available in the workforce, the time is now for us to unite to ensure that today's students become tomorrow's innovative leaders.

  • Membership includes:

    • On-site staff member

      • 20+ YA students - 1 day/week

      • 80+ students - 1 full-time staff member

    • YA recruitment, placement, and support

    • Coordination of ACP Lesson roll-outs, grades 6-12

    • 8th-grade group ACP conferencing and 4-year planning

    • 10th-grade student/family conferencing, 4-year planning

    • Course handbook alignment with ACP and Pathways

    • Virtual and in-person guest speakers

    • Regional Pathway adoption

    • Continuous improvement of local Career Pathways

    • Perkins and other grant writing services and support


  • All students in grades 11-12


  • Reality Store

  • Tech and 4-year college representative visits

  • Tech and 4-year college campus tours

  • Industry tours

  • Redefining Ready scorecard

  • Mock Interviews

  • Industry recognized credentialing


  • NEWYA's school-based coaches (SBCs) will work with your team to create a customized program that brings ACP, YA, and CTE funding under one umbrella

  • Apprentices acquire skills through structured, on-the-job learning & related classroom instruction without incurring student loan debt

  • Apprenticeship programs foster personal independence and lead to long-term, successful careers

  • Upon completion, an apprentice achieves journey-level skill status and receives a nationally recognized credential and completion certification


  • Member services are grant funded

  • Optional services are fee-based

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