Take a look at our Facebook page to see a special story on the Southern Door County School District's farm to school lunch program.
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Check out our Twitter page to learn about a Seymour High School teacher who won a major prize for her school.
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It is Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Are you looking for ways to incorporate Cybersecurity lessons into your class at your school? There are resources available to implement lessons into everyday curriculum and explore the world of Cybersecurity. Check out our Facebook page to find recommended resources from CSTEY.
3 days ago, CESA 7
If your school is interested in participating in a 2022 CESA 7 Regional Spelling Bee and hasn’t enrolled yet with the Scripps organization for this year, your school must first enroll with Scripps at www.spellingbee.com. Check out our Student Programs/Spelling Bees page for details.
4 days ago, CESA 7
There is still time to register for the Dr. Thomas Guskey event that begins on November 9th. Check out our Registration Pages or Facebook for details. Dr. Guskey will be here in person on November 9th to begin the important work to retool your grading practices.
5 days ago, CESA 7
Watch the new Ready to Launch video on our Facebook page: Tina Lemmens, C7 Digital Learning Specialist, shares how building informational technology literacy is about leveling the playing field and providing young people in our area with equitable access to powerful learning opportunities.
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Check out the Head Start video on our Facebook page for information on the Early Head Start home visiting program!
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We would like to extend a warm welcome to Macey Lukes our new Payroll Specialist. Macey is a graduate of UW Madison and we are happy to have her on board!
10 days ago, CESA 7
CESA's 5, 6, 7, and 8 are working with 92 school districts in Northeastern Wisconsin on the adoption of Regional Career Pathways. Visit our Facebook page for more information or contac Marci Kuhn; mkuhn@cesa7.org
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The deadline for Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Robotics League Participation Grants is Oct. 29th. Learn more about this grant opportunity on our Facebook page.
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October 26 is Educator's Night at the Packers Hall of Fame. This is a great opportunity for any educator & one guest to get into the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame FREE! Check our Facebook page for a link to register.
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Our 21-22 Virtual Principal Network meetings begin on Oct 13: Join us to learn about resources and strategies that you can implement in your schools as we redefine what readiness and equity mean at all levels. Our networks provide a unique opportunity for principals to engage in their professional development while networking with their peers across the CESA 7 region. See our Events pages for details and registration information.
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There is still time to nominate that exceptional principal or teacher for a Herb Kohl Educational Foundation award! Nominate until Oct. 12 at kohleducation.org
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Dr. Thomas Guskey will be here in person on November 9th to begin the important work to retool your grading practices. Find information about this series on our Twitter and Facebook pages as well as on our registration pages.
17 days ago, CESA 7
CESA 7 Agency Administrator Jeff Dickert was one of several Northeast Wisconsin education and technology leaders that met recently to continue their work to strengthen the area's cyber workforce. Check out the article on our Facebook page.
18 days ago, CESA 7
It is Wisconsin School Board Appreciation week! Thank you to our district school board members: Your dedication to students and educators is indispensable.
19 days ago, CESA 7
Watch the latest Ready to Launch video on our Facebook page where C7 Assessment & Data Specialist, Michelle Ring-Hanson, highlights new state assessment data, accountability, report cards, and more. Ready, set, let's launch!
20 days ago, CESA 7
DPI is accepting grant applications for $3 million in ARPA library pandemic relief funding. Pre-application forms for competitive funding must be submitted to LibraryReport@dpi.wi.gov by October 25, 2021. Find more information on our Facebook or Twitter pages.
21 days ago, CESA 7
The FCC announced that a second Emergency Connectivity Fund application filing window opened Tuesday, September 28th for schools to request funding from the roughly $2 billion in program funds remaining. the second application window is now open (Sept 28 - Oct 13). Visit our Facebook or Twitter page for additional information and a link to the website.
24 days ago, CESA 7
CESA 7 Head Start 0-5 is hiring Assistant Teachers to serve children, ages 3-5, in their Manitowoac classrooms. Check out the Employment page or Facebook for details.
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